DIfferent SHA Checksums

Started by Dizzee, January 04, 2023, 03:38:52 PM

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I'm trying to download Apache 2.4.54   >   httpd-2.4.54-o111s-x86-vs17.zip
but the SHA Checksums don't match from both the download sites to the SHA Checksum   >   httpd-2.4.54-o111s-x86-vs17.zip.sha
results I'm getting are:
SHA256          2C9743CBFCC047C3D2685D5D963CC46A36AB12BC4DA3301B0F0BC2E49021D1F8    >   httpd-2.4.54-o111s-x86-vs17.zip

I'm using powershell > get-filehash

I usually don't bother (soz), so it might just be me?


Considering I cannot find the original zip file I could not get you a sha256 checksum to compare with. The .she file is SHA1 which I feel is still good enough for the purpose.


Thanks Gregg, in the end I went with xampp, they don't offer a SHA checksum so you just have to spin ya wheel and hope.
Nah, seriously, I didn't really think there was anything wrong, but, I doubt I've read any of those warning since the first time I downloaded Apache, lord knows how long ago. And I never check the SHA256.. .so... what's the odd that I do read the gumph, I heed the warning and the checksums are actually off.. like lol what's the odds!