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Announcing the release of Apache 2.4.38


Announcing the release of Apache 2.4.38

This release is a bug fix & stability release with no new functions or modules.

This release includes:
APR Version:        1.6.5
APU Version:        1.6.1
Brotli Version:    1.0.7
Jansson Version:    2.11
Libcurl Version:   7.63.0
LibXML2 Version:    2.9.9
LUA Version:        5.1.5 (vc11), 5.2.4 (vc14)
NGHTTP2 Version:    1.36.0
OpenSSL Version:    1.0.2q, 1.1.0j, 1.1.1a or LibreSSL 2.8.3
PCRE Version:       8.42
SQLite3 Version:    3.26.0
ZLib Version:       1.2.10

VC14 builds;

I have finally moved on to LUA 5.2 so if you are upgrading from an older release you may remove the lua51.dll.

VC11 builds;

Since PHP put out one more 5.6 release we are doing one last VC11 release, This really is the last and all VC11 downloads well be removed from the download page around the beginning of February.

You can get your copy of the new Apache HTTP Server from our download page.

Change Log for Apache 2.4.38


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