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Why no 2.4.29 yet.


I'm under extreme fire conditions and have to be ready to evacuate at moments notice. The dev box is in the trunk of my car just in case. I admit I can do VC14 builds on this laptop but the build got broken in 2.4.29 because of APR-Util 1.6.1.

Anyway, we have

* Excessive Heat Warning
* Wind Advisory (for strong winds)
* Red Flag Warning (Fire Conditions)
So it's really hot, windy and really dry, all the makings of fire but the spark. We're holding our breath. All of these advisories and warnings started on Sunday but they end tonight thankfully. I'll start tackling 2.4.29 tomorrow.

We've been here before:

New OpenSSL comes on Thursday November 2nd. I will have 2.2.29 out this weekend.

While this low priority as OpenSSL see it, at least one organization has failed PCI compliance because of it. So we may as well wait a little longer.

I have not been able to get 2.2.29 to build on VC11. I think that's going to take a uninstall/install of VC11. I have had to do this before a couple times and have no clue why.

Also, since 2.2.29 came out a new nghttp2, libxml2 and sqlite3 have come out as well.


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