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I decided to upgrade my Apache to x64 version. ApacheHaus satisfied my need for almost all extra modules, but there were some exceptions, most notable being SubVersion. I tried to ask Uncle Google for it, but had no luck and I'm usually very successful when googling for something.
My rule is to try to solve things myself first, rather than asking someone and then waiting (possibly forever ;) for reply. So I tried to compile it myself and after solving few small problems, I ended up with something that seems to work.
But still it would feel a little better if there were some binaries made by someone who really understands it, tested by many users, etc.. you know what I mean. So, did I miss some obvious source or am I wandering in to unexplored lands? :)

Well I tried to compile it, but I wasn't able to compile it  ???
Tell me how you did it and than I can try it by myself.

I needed only Apache modules, nothing else, so I omitted some prerequsities for client part. Complete SubVersion will not build using the following instructions. Also I needed only FSFS storage for SubVersion, I skipped BDB completely.

- Download and unpack SubVersion source (I used latest 1.6.12).
- Download and unpack SQLite amalgamation to "sqlite-amalgamation" subdirectory.
- Download and unpack ZLIB to "zlib" subdirectory.
- Create empty subdirectory "neon".
- Run (for VS2008): -t vcproj --vsnet-version=2008 --with-httpd=path-to-your-configured-httpd-source

First problem: ZLIB build must be fixed for x64, otherwise there will be one unresolved external symbol later. Quick fix is to open build\win32\build_zlib.bat and insert this at line 51:
set ASM_OPTS=AS=ml64 LOC="-DASMV -DASMINF" OBJA="inffasx64.obj gvmat64.obj inffas8664.obj"
(info found in zlib\win32\Makefile.msc) and then open zlib\contrib\masmx64\inffas8664.c and prepend "../../" to four includes at the beginning.

- Open subversion_vcnet.sln in VS and select Release x64
- Select mod_authz_svn and build it, all required dependencies will be built automatically

Second problem: there will be a lot of unresolved external symbols. I added following include paths and input files for linker:

for mod_dav_svn:



for mod_authz_svn:



- After that build should succeed and resulting Apache modules are:


SubVersion is linked in statically. The usual 32bit version uses external dlls, but I wasn't able to build it this way. Not really a problem for me, as there won't be anything else on the same server that could share the dlls anyway.
As I mentioned, the resulting modules seem to work fine, but is everything really ok or is there any hidden problem waiting to show itself in the worst possible time? Who knows.. :)

I'll try that this night or in this week or weekend.

At least for  zlib-1.2.4 you don't have to modify the source code.

--- Code: ---nmake -f win32\Makefile.msc

--- End code ---

I'm glad to see a fix for zlib 1.2.5. Thanks Sob, I am surprised I did think to try that. And if this is the Sob of that APR adjustment for IPv6 on XP/2003, even bigger thanks as we've gotten a lot of use out of it.


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