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Title: 2.4 the end for 2.0?
Post by: mario on September 16, 2011, 02:05:05 PM
There is might be an end for apache 2.0 with the new release.
Yepp there are now replies yet, but it was discussed before.

Who is still using apache 2.0?
Title: Re: 2.4 the end for 2.0?
Post by: Gregg on September 17, 2011, 11:32:35 AM
I ... was hoping they would announce a 1 year to EOL  for 2.0 back at 1.3.42. Personally, that version sucked! .. why I basically skipped it, that and one 1.3 module I thought for years I couldn't live without but have learned to. And since httpd 2.3.6 I have mostly abandoned 2.2 ... on the bloody edge for once  ;D

I'm sure the world is ready for 2.4,  there's still some docs that need to be done, of some of the new stuff that is useful. Sure there are plenty of not found, no way anyone could think of, use case bugs too, but those will never be found before GA. The 2.3 base is very stable though for sure, and fast cause of the modularization. Lower footprint too.

Cause I can now, I'm going to just short of demand that the evil code in mod_watchdog be removed! I've got logging added all through that module, and it's subordinate modules, to show that the author of it is, surprisingly, incorrect when it comes to his though on Windows. It MUST be allowed to go through the fourth pass through the post config hook, or the dog will not step, heart will not beat, heartmonitor will have nada to monitor. But due to 0 documentation, it may get yanked. If it does, goodbye heartbeat, heartmonitor, lbmethod_heartmonitor.

If fcgid is not bundled, that would suck too.

I find it funny they want things but are willing to push a "new" version before getting all the beef in it. I'm only one vote now (yea), and have stayed out of it so far to an extent, but:

1. AcceptFilter, one vote will not stop, however, Stefan is on our side on that one it seems, thankfully, and I think Bill is too (tho ultimately, he's going to have to fix it I suspect), plus I could probably rally a third -1 easy, I only wish I could be of use fiixing it, but that MPM is Bill's, beyond my obviously lacking abilities.
2. No Watchdog docs will take out 4 rather cool modules for those proxying to backends, and could be modded to inform admins of down servers.
3. I'm not sure the Netware corpses are happy either, ... hence that other very binding -1.

I sound like I do not want it, but I really do! It's stable at it's core, real fast too cause it's been so modularized, but when it's really worthy of doing, not just cause the dev's want to move on to something else. Truly, there is only one I ever hear pushing to get 2.4 out ... consistently same person. Even put a backport to 2.2 into the never going to ever happen section, cause he'd rather "push" out 2.4.

But that just my way way lowly opinion. I will not accept 2.4 w/o the AcceptFilter fix for Win, no way .. and I'm known to be a noisy pita at times  ;D If they do that, we all may as well move to IIS *spits on IIS*  :-* <-- looks like a kiss ... but it's a spit!

Fight For Apache on Windows!

Title: Re: 2.4 the end for 2.0?
Post by: mario on September 17, 2011, 04:22:33 PM
I think that restart bug also applies to *nix world. Can't remember the bug number, but the symtoms ware the same. The patch that works for windows works there too. I think there will might be a php module for IIS in some kinda next version.
Title: Re: 2.4 the end for 2.0?
Post by: Gregg on September 18, 2011, 01:02:55 AM
Goes way back, but code red I & II kind of put me off IIS. I remember the pollution in my logs of all the IIS puters trying to infect my IIS, except I run Apache so just log pollution.