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Author Topic: mod_security 2.8.0 for Apache 2.2 & 2.4 Released  (Read 8314 times)


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mod_security 2.8.0 for Apache 2.2 & 2.4 Released
« on: April 17, 2014, 04:23:24 AM »

Announcing the release of mod_security 2.8.0 for Apache 2.2 and 2.4.
Available on our download page.

Now with built-in JSON request body parser using YAJL ( )

Change log:

14 Apr 2014 - 2.8.0

Bug fix
 * Build issue: Now using autotools to idenfiy if sys/utsname.h is present.
 * Change version to 2.8

31 Mar 2014 - 2.8.0-RC1

New features
 * JSON Parser is no longer under tests. Now it is part of our mainline;
 * Connection limits (SecConnReadStateLimit/SecConnWriteStateLimit) now support white and suspicious list;
 * New variables: FULL_REQUEST and FULL_REQUEST_LENGTH were added, allowing the rules to access the full content of a request;
 * ModSecurity status is now part of our mainline;
 * New operator: @detectXSS was added. It makes usage of the newest libinjection XSS detection functionality;
 * Append and prepend are now supported on nginx (Ref: #635);
 * SecServerSignature is now available on nginx (Ref: #637).

 * Regression tests are not able to expect different values according to the platform;
 * Visual C++ 12/10 runtime dependencies are now part of the IIS installer, no need to have it installed prior
    ModSecurity installation (Ref: #627);
 * New script was added to the IIS versions to identify whenever there is a missing dependency (available
   through the Application Menu);
 * Memory usage improvement: using correct memory pools according to the context (Ref: #618, #620, #619);
 * Independent API call to free the connection allocations, independently from the request objects, improvements
    on Nginx performance, vide issue for more information (Ref: #620, #648);
 * IIS installer is now using the correct 32/64bits folders to install;
 * IIS Installer 32bits now refuses to install on 64bits environments;
 * IIS: Using new WiX options to build the package in the correct architecture;
 * While installing IIS version the installer will remove old ModSecurityIIS configuration or files before proceed with
    the installation, avoiding further errors;
 * CRS from IIS version was upgraded to 2.2.9;
 * IIS installer does not support repair anymore, in fact it was not working already and it is now disabled;
 * ModSecurity now warns the user who tries to use "proxy" in IIS or Nginx. Proxy is Apache only;
 * Remove warnings from the build process (Ref: #617);
 * Apache configuration in regression tests was changed making it more platform independent;
 * Reduced the amount of warnings during the compilation (Ref: #385a2828e87897bd611bd2a519727ef88dc6d632, #1e63e49db4a592d28e08a33fc60750c37a3886fe);
 * Regression tests were refactored to be more Nginx friendly;
 * Fixed some regression tests that were not being flexible to handle multiple platforms: (Ref #636)
        - Fixed config/00-load-modsec.t test case. Now it expects for Nginx loaded message as it does for Apache. (Ref: #643);
        - Fixed mixed/10-misc-directives.t. Now it does not expect for SecServerSignature on the logs, just in the
           headers as the Nginx does in silence.
        - Fixed tnf/10-tfn-cache.t, action/10-logging.t, config/10-misc-directives.t, config/10-request-directives.t,
          misc/00-multipart-parser.t , misc/10-tfn-cache.t, rule/20-exceptions.t, rule/00-basics.t, rule/10-xml.t;
        - Increased the timeout while reading the auditlog;
        - SecAuditLogType Concurrent was removed from the regression test case, not compatible with all ports yet;
        - Regression tests were speeded up, as the number of tests are growing it is impossible to have it slow;
        - Fixed regression tests scripts paths, to make it MacOS friendly;
        - Avoiding dead locks on Nginx regression tests by enforcing a timeout whenever a request appears to fail;
 * Updates to fix errors found by Parfait static code analysis (Ref: #612);
 * Cleaning up on the repository, by removing unused files;
 * IIS installer now supports to perform the installation without register the DLL on the system. It means that the
    user can download our MSI installer as it was a tarball archive (Ref #629, #624);
 * IIS now support 32bits and 64bits pools, both are registered on IIS (Ref #628).

Bug fix
 * Correctly handling inet_pton in IIS version;
 * Nginx was missing a terminator while the charset string was mounted (Ref: #148);
 * Added mod_extract_forwarded.c to run before mod_security2.c (Ref: #594);
 * Added missing environment variables to regression tests;
 * Build system is now more flexible by looking at liblua at: /usr/local/lib;
 * Fixed typo in README file.
 * Removed the non standard compliant HTTP response status code 44 from modsecurity recommended file (Ref: #665);
 * Fixed segmentation fault if it fails to write on the audit log (Ref: #668);
 * Not rejecting a larger request with ProcessPartial. Regression tests were also added (Ref: #597);
 * Fixed UF8 to unicode conversion. Regression tests were also added(Ref: #672);
 * Avoiding segmentation fault by checking if a structure is null before access its members;
 * Removed double charset-header that used happen due a hardcoded charset in Nginx implementation (Ref: #650);
 * Now alerting the users that there is no memory to proceed loading the configuration instead of just die;
 * If SecRuleEngine is set to Off and SecRequestBodyAccess On Nginx returns error 500. Standalone is now
    capable to identify whenever ModSecurity is enabled or disabled, independently of ModSecurity core (Ref: #645);
 * Fixed missing headers on Nginx whenever SecResponseBodyAccess was set to On and happens to be a filter on
    phase equals or over 3. (Ref #634);
 * IIS is now picking the correct version of AppCmd while uninstalling or installing ModSecurityISS. (Ref #632).

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