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Author Topic: Implementing Automatic Failover between Two Apache 2.2.15-x64-no-ssl Web Servers  (Read 9414 times)


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Dear Experts,

   We have installed Win 64 Bit, Apache Web Server 2.2.15-x64-no-ssl , in two  Windows 64 bit Servers.

   The requirement is , when Apache in server1 goes down , the Apache in server2 will be activated automatically. And if Apache in Server2 goes down , the Apache in Server1 will be activated automatically.

   Kindly , suggest , how can we implement this in the 64Bit Apache Web Server??

Thanks & Regards
Saswata Mandal.


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You senario can't work   ;)  There is a small issue. There can be only one server the standby server. So if server 1 servers the pages and goes down the second server can resume the work. But if that server is the backup for the first server, the first server can't be the backup server for the second one.

A way to have the second server as standby can be solved over a loadbalancer or hotstandby from the OS Windows it self.
Also round robin DNS might solve it, but only if the DNS server checks the server for their online status.
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