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Author Topic: Unable to start apache httpd(64-bit) in SSL mode on RHEL 64 bit machine  (Read 5159 times)


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I have compiled apache httpd 2.4.18 from scratch using openssl-1.0.2g and openssl-fips 2.0.12.
It is working fine in without SSL, but i try to start with SSL it doesn't start by throwing

"httpd: Syntax error on line 128 of /tmp/ossl/httpd/Release/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load modules/ into server: /tmp/ossl/httpd/Release/modules/ undefined symbol: EC_KEY_new_by_curve_name"

I have checked the paths and libraries that is pointing to, everything looks good.EC_KEY_new_by_curve_name is available in and not in, which is also the case in working config(32-bit)

I have compiled same src on linux 32 and its works fine in SSL mode as well.

Can someone help me with this.

Thank you


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I had such a problem, too when I tried to compile it from scratch.
The compile used the wrong so file. So I did not install openssl in the system path, but to /opt

If you want to see my solution

You can use it too.

Code: [Select]
git clone
cd debian_build_apache24
git checkout redhat

if you still have a problem please ask again.
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