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Author Topic: Apache 2.x/LibreSSL users: we're moving to Visual Studio 2019 (VS16)  (Read 2202 times)


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I'm pulling the plug on VC14 builds since my VC14 keeps disintegrating. First it would crash building Curl x86, then x86 something else I cannot remember which but I'm done with building curl + the new something on another computer.

Apache is going to be built with VS16.

Those who want to get a head start can install the redistributable/s.

VC_redist x64

VC_redist  x86

I will also start getting VS16 versions of the modules on the download page next week.

Why VS and not VC. Every time the Visual Studio team in Redmond gets a new leader it seems their versioning changes. For instance;

Visual Studio 6 had VisualC++ 6 or VC6 for short.
Visual Studio 2003 had VisualC++ 7. VC7 for short.
Visual Studio 2016 has VisualC++ 14. VC14 for short.
Visual Studio 2017 has VisualC++ 14.1 but internally is Visual Studio 15 (VS15) .
Visual Studio 2019 has VisualC++ 14.2 but internally is VS16.
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