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Author Topic: Apache 2.4 cyclical restarting on simple request  (Read 4156 times)


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Apache 2.4 cyclical restarting on simple request
« on: March 16, 2018, 05:10:44 AM »

I've a problem whereby my httpd is crashing constantly.  But it only starts to happen occasionally (one in a few weeks).

The effect is that I request a local url, there's a log entry in the access log, no response in the browser, but in the httpd error log it seems Apache keeps restarting - quite a number of times before it gives up.
There's no other error in either the http nor the php error log.  The very same code & db usually works, as it works on a number of linux servers and even other developer computers.
The request is the most basic one, nothing fancy.

I'm developing locally in PHP & MySQL, and this happens *occasionally* but the weirdest is that when it happens, it's here to stay.  Restarting apache, restarting the whole bloody computer, nothing seems to work.
And then at one point as surprisingly it has started, it ceases to be a problem and everything works again (usually by next day or at the very least; hours later)

Interesting addition:
I can put a break in the code before it starts to use the Smarty template, and there's no crash. (useless to me, but interesting)

This is starting to become a very serious issue, as I can't work on these occasions.

Using win7 for local development, and the Apache 2.4.29 x64 version from ApacheHaus ( )
But I had the same problem before; I've recently reinstalled apache completely - and now the problem is back again.

I'm wondering if anyone here can help me to sort this out?

(p.s. I can't give you a test code, it's proprietary )


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Re: Apache 2.4 cyclical restarting on simple request
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2018, 06:46:27 PM »

PHP version you are using?
Loading php?apache2_4.dll or using mod_fcgid?

If you are loading the php module, this has always been problematic in Windows. Using mod_fcgid usually keeps Apache from crashing even if PHP crashes. It also open up the opportunity to use almost any php version, x86 or x64, even more than one php version.



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Re: Apache 2.4 cyclical restarting on simple request
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2018, 06:29:40 AM »

PHP version is 5.6.xx (latest, usually, does not make a difference in my experience)
It is indeed the apache2_4.dll I'm using if my memory serves me well.
Edit: yes, it's the php5apache2_4.dll indeed.

Thanks for the tip, I'll look into mod_fcgid .

p.s. one interesting thing - not sure if this is just coincidence - I've been running with only 16GB ram for a while, and had no problems .  I've reinstalled the full 32GB and the issue reared it's head immediately.   
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