Announcing the release of Apache 2.4.53

Started by Gregg, March 16, 2022, 07:23:07 AM

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Announcing the release of Apache 2.4.53

VS/VC15 users should take note that this will be the last release of VC15 builds.
Upgrade to VS16 (or VS17 available here soon) builds. You have until Apache 2.4.54 so it should give you plenty of time.
I hope that gives us a month at least.

PCRE2: Beginning with Apache 2.4.53, we can now upgradeto the new pcre2 now that the old pcre is no longer getting updates. Some modules (mod_security2, mod_qos) have not updated their code to benefit from pcre2. You can still use these modules as long as you keep the old pcre.dll in the /bin folder.

Apache 2.4.53 is a security release with 4 CVEs fixed.

This release includes:
APR Version:        1.7.0
APU Version:        1.6.1
Brotli Version:    1.0.9
Expat Version:    2.4.7
Jansson Version:    2.14
Libcurl Version:   7.82.0*
LibXML2 Version:    2.9.12
LUA Version:        5.2.4
NGHTTP2 Version:    1.44.0
OpenSSL Version:    1.1.1n or LibreSSL 3.4.3
PCRE2 Version:       10.39
SQLite3 Version:    3.38.1
ZLib Version:       1.2.11

You can get your copy of the new Apache HTTP Server from our download page.

Change Log for Apache 2.4.53

*The curl project forgot to remove the internal -DEV bit before releasing again.